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Envelope and Label Moistener Machines at Gluefast

Never lick a stamp or envelope again! With the moistener machines designed by The Gluefast Company, Inc., wetting stamps, envelopes, and labels is simple, effective, and inexpensive. Our moistener equipment uses water to moisten the adhesive, which immediately activates the bond for a strong hold. Increase the speed at which you operate and invest in one of our models of moistener machines for your home or office.

How the Gluefast Moistener Works

Model S MoistenerThe Gluefast moistener applies water using wick rollers to transfer the water. This method is much more effective than the “brush-type” moisteners, which actually scrape adhesive off the back of the label, stamp, or envelope reducing the effectiveness of the adhesive. Our envelope, stamp, and label moistener ensures a steady flow of water and features an enclosed housing, which prevents leakage and splashing while in use.

Gluefast’s Moistener Machines

  • Model C – is used for wetting envelopes or stamps, and moistening labels up to 4.5” wide.
  • Model S – is used for wetting stamps, envelopes, or labels up to 5.75” wide.

Unlike moistener bottles that run out quickly and require constant refilling or replacement, the moistener machine from Gluefast allows you to seal a large amount of stamps, envelopes, or labels. With our moisteners you can process envelopes and distribute packages at a substantially faster rate and lower cost.




To find out how our moistener machine can help improve your operations, contact a Gluefast representative at 800-242-7318 or email us for more information or to request a catalog.

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