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Canvas & Print Coatings


Acrylic Coatings for Canvas and Paper Prints for Wall Art

Acrylic Coatings for Canvas and Paper Prints for Wall ArtThis is a low viscosity coating designed for aqueous inks. It provides a protective coating with elasticity, which keeps the inks from tearing when a canvas giclee is stretched onto a wooden frame. Acrylic coatings for canvas and paper prints are available with or without added uv protection in a hi-gloss or matte finish. Formulas available for application with a Mayer rod or paint roller.

Craquelure Texture Gel Coatings
Craquelure texture coating is an acid-free water based acrylic polymer coating in a flowable gel form. It is normally applied with a paint brush, roller or pallet knife directly onto a canvas giclee, poster, or photograph after being stretched or mounted. The coating is white but it dries clear.  For more information, click here.

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