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Craquelure Texture Coating


Craquelure Faux Finish Texture Coating from Gluefast

Make your canvas giclee, poster, or photograph look hand painted with Gluefast's Craquelure faux finish texture coating. Depending on the way this specialty polymer coating is applied to the surface of a print, photo, or poster, the look of the finished product can be varied, ranging from a paint-brush look to a canvas-type appearance. Available in matte, semi-gloss, or high-gloss finish, Craquelure texture coating lets you create a unique texture design. Additional uv protection may be added to the coatings – minimum quantities apply. Samples are offered upon request. You can expect coverage of about 256 square feet per gallon.

What is Craquelure Texture Coating?

Craquelure Texture CoatingCraquelure texture coating is an acid-free water based acrylic polymer coating in a flowable gel form. It is normally applied with a paint brush, roller or pallet knife directly onto a canvas giclee, poster, or photograph after being stretched or mounted. The coating is white but it dries clear.

Apply Craquelure Faux Finish Texture Coating using a…

  • Paint Brush – the operator can completely control the look of this effect.
  • Paint Roller – provides a textured look. For added texture, apply more product with a 1/2” or higher nap roller. (Some customers use a paint roller to apply the matte finish, then apply the semi-gloss or high-gloss finish with a paint brush to highlight target areas.)
  • Non-Absorbing Foam Roller – applies thin lines of acrylic onto the print. The coating is applied in one direction and allowed to dry. A second coat is applied – turning the print 90 degrees – providing a texturized linen/canvas-type look.
  • Top Coating Machine – applies the Craquelure coating onto nearly any item from paper to board stock up to ½” (13mm) thick. Used for high production runs, the Senator Top Coat Gluer from Gluefast features variable coating thickness and speed control.


Whether you have a canvas giclee, poster or photograph, with Craquelure faux finish texture coating, your work looks as though it was hand painted by an artist. When using this water-based coating, keep in mind that drying time ranges from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the amount applied. Packaging for the product is available in quarts, gallons, five-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums. 




To purchase Craquelure texture coating online, click here. For further information, contact The Gluefast Company, Inc. by phone at 800-242-7318 or email at email us.

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