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Case Making System


Make your own hard cover books!

  1. Captain B Label GluerGluing Machine to apply adhesive onto cover
  2. Alignment Table to place boards & spine onto cover
  3. Edge Turner folds over edges onto cover

Gluing Machine

Captain B label gluer applies a cold water based adhesive onto covers. Hot protein glue may be used on the heated version of this gluer. For covers up to 13” (33 cm) wide.

110 volts or 220/230 volt motors

Colonel-AG GluerColonel gluer applies hot protein glue onto covers. Features excellent glue control and variable speed. Roller widths 20” to 42” (50-106 cm). Smaller inset photo shows optional reversing fingers on model Colonel-AG gluer to present covers glued side up.

110 volts or 220/230 volt motors


Water Based Adhesive GF 878U is our water based adhesive good for most covers with a good balance of tack, adhesion and easy cleaning. For use in the Captain B and Colonel gluers. 30-40 covers per minute. Available in gallons, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Alignment TableProtein Glue Cover Glue AG-90 is our protein glue which offers higher tack and longer working time than water based glues. Great for high volume and digital covers. It gets heated to 150° F (65° C). 40-50 covers per minute. Available in 62 pounds cartons.

Alignment Table

The Alignment Table features a tiltable table top, vacuum suction, adjustable spine width, three point alignment system and a center light. For books up to 14” (35 cm) square.

110 volts only. 

Edge Turner

Edge TurnerTurns the edges of the book forming a neat seal. Protein glue requires 1 second compression time. Cold water based adhesive requires 2-3 seconds compression time.

Manually powered without electricity!

Perfect Binder

The new PB-1 binds the signatures of the book into a soft or hard cover book using a rougher to cut into the paper for better binding and a simple hot melt applicator to produce professional perfect binding!


For information on the new Colonel-AG gluer for applying protein glues and how this gluing machine may prove useful in your gluing and coating production applications, contact The Gluefast Company, Inc. at 800-242-7318 or email us.

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