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GF #637P Glue

Glues and AdhesivesPRODUCT TYPE: A water based dextrin glue.

APPLICATIONS: This is a high-performance, water-based product developed for a variety of applications. It exhibits very good machining characteristics.

*FEATURES: Provides excellent lay flat, non-wrinkle characteristics with good penetration into board stock. It is a slow drying adhesive. This slow speed of set enables the operator to reposition the label when it has already been placed onto the board stock.

APPLICATION EQUIPMENT: Manual and electric table top label gluers such as those manufactured by Gluefast. May also be applied using a paint roller, however, care should be taken not to use too much adhesive which would result in considerable wrinkling.
Gluing equipment should be cleaned daily for best results.

FDA STATUS: Ingredients comply with regulations for U.S. in Food Packaging Adhesives as per regulation 175.105.

Typical Physical Properties and General Information

Raw Material Base Vegetable
Color Amber
Solids 58-60%
pH 6
Type-Spindle / Speed / Temperature RVF-3/20/85°F
Viscosity 2,200-2,700 cps
Weight Per U.S. Gallon 10.5 pounds
Cleanup Solvent Water or soap and water

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature. Rotate stock using oldest material first. Shelf life six months. KEEP FROM FREEZING.

*NOTE: Surfaces and information above are suggestions only … final tests for suitability remain the responsibility of the user.




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