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Adhesive Application and Dispensing Equipment

Gluefast is a leading adhesive manufacturer, providing the latest in innovative adhesive application and dispensing equipment.  Responsible for the development of the popular glue dots and glue duos products, Gluefast is proud to have expanded into the field of industrial adhesives, with protein glue machinery, hot melt roll coaters, and other advanced equipment. 

Humble Adhesive Application and Dispensing Equipmentglue has developed into a twenty-first century product, with a range of new formats and application types. Along with hot melt glue guns and gluesticks are more industrial-scale glue applicators for automated or other large operations.

Protein Glue machinery handles large jobs with the most advanced equipment available, providing an even coat of glue neatly and quickly. Hot melt roll coaters can apply adhesives to a variety of substrates, and allow greater throughput and less downtime than hand held glue guns. 

From standard size to large label mounting, Gluefast can provide the right solution. Our Gluefast labeling and mounting system includes lay-flat glues and adhesives, the colonel gluing machine for labels up to 42” in width, and the adjutant mounting press, which eliminates bubbles and other imperfections.  We like to call them the ‘wrinkle tamers’.

Adhesive Application and Dispensing EquipmentFinally, Gluefast’s top coat gluer provides the best answer for heavy industrial use and trouble free maintenance. This state-of-the-art machine features top gluing, offering greater flexibility of handling than typical bottom applicators. Added features allow the machine to recirculate glue from the rollers back to an adhesive tank, minimizing manual operation.

Offering the finest in twentieth century adhesives, Gluefast is a gluing machine manufacturer serving the industry since 1939. We are a proud member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Institute (PMMI), and we will continue to provide the most advanced adhesive application and dispensing equipment to keep up with demand and innovation for our clients. Make Gluefast your hard and fast choice for innovative adhesive solutions.




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