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Since 1939, The Gluefast Company, Inc. has been a family business specializing in adhesive application and dispensing equipment, gluing machines, and adhesives for the packaging, graphics, converting, and picture framing industries.

Gluefast Standard PAT Adhesive Applicator
For applications requiring manual dispensing of water based glues or adhesives, rely on the Gluefast standard PAT (Pneumatic Adhesive Tank) Adhesive Applicator, which offers unmatched portability, versatility, and efficiency. PAT adhesive and gluing applicator directly applies adhesives on any substrate for case and carton sealing, wood working, and other precision applications.

PAT Sprayer for the PAT Applicator
When you want to spray water-based glues or adhesives, the PAT Sprayer from The Gluefast Company, Inc. is the product to choose. Use the PAT Sprayer to apply adhesive for case and carton sealing, palletizing loads, or performing just about any other gluing application. Complete your adhesive system with the PAT Sprayer and see better results.

Solo Glue Riter
When you need a reliable glue bottle with precision control, trust the SOLO GLUE RITER® from The Gluefast Company, Inc. It is a small glue bottle with a ball-and-spring valve that applies a controlled amount of adhesive developed for the picture framing industry for gluing matboards and dustcovers onto the back of a framed print. It can also be used to apply water-based adhesive for case and carton sealing, palletizing, and product assembly.

Hot Melt Glue Guns
Hot melt glue guns are electronically operated adhesive applicators designed to disperse hot melt glue sticks to bond two materials quickly and easily. Generally, hot melt glue guns utilize hot melt adhesives in the form of glue sticks.

Craquelure Texture Coating
Make your poster or print look hand painted with Gluefast's Craquelure faux finish texture coating. Depending on the way this specialty polymer coating is applied to the surface of a print, photo, or poster, the look of the finished product can be varied, ranging from a paint-brush look to a canvas-type appearance.

Standard Edge Gluer
The Standard Edge Gluer from Gluefast glues the bottom edge of an item and is available in our #2 and #4 models. The gluing machine models have the ability to glue up to 2” (5 cm) or 3.25” (8 cm) of an edge of paper, chipboard, corrugated, or wood up to 5/8” (16 mm) thick.

Top Side Edge Gluer
An easy-to-use, convenient, adjustable and precise adhesive system, The Gluefast Company's Top Side Edge Gluer is used to apply adhesive to paper, card, corrugated stock or binder board quickly and efficiently. The Top Side Edge Gluer features a fully enclosed gear motor, adjustable glue film and speed control, as well as trouble-free maintenance for heavy industrial use.

Glue Dots and Gluefast Duos
From home projects and school crafts to industrial packaging and promotional bundling, pressure sensitive adhesive dots of glue known as Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS provide a fast, easy, and clean method for bonding just about any two substrates. Gluefast offers both Glue Dots® and Gluefast DUOS in four tack strengths — low, medium, high and super high — for temporary as well as permanent bonding.

Glue Dots
Glue Dots® are pressure-sensitive adhesives that are sometimes referred to as fugitive glue or booger glue and consist of a spot of glue about the size of a dime (1/2” diameter).

Gluefast Duos
Gluefast DUOS are pressure sensitive spots of glue about the size of a dime (1/2" diameter). Often referred to as fugitive glue or booger glue, Gluefast DUOS are similar to Glue Dots® except that the adhesive formulation is slightly different and the silicone release liner is two inches wide with two dots instead of one. Compared to Glue Dots®, Gluefast DUOS are a cost-effective alternative with about a 15% cost savings to the end user.

Water Based Glues and Adhesives, Pressure-Sensitive, Hot Melt Adhesives, and more.
Carrying a line of water-based adhesives and glues, acid free glues, and hot melt/pressure sensitive adhesives, Gluefast commits to developing and supplying the adhesives and glues customers need for packaging, photo and poster mounting, palletizing, padding, folder gluing, self-seal, lap gluing, mass mailing, woodworking, and much more.

Water Based Glues and Adhesives
Water-based glues are made from naturally occurring substances such as corn and are processed into materials including starch and dextrin. These are among the lower cost glues on a per-pound basis. Applications include: general labeling, poster mounting, and case and carton sealing.

Hot Melt Adhesives
Hot Melt adhesives are made from various combinations of resin (ethylene vinyl acetate for example), and wax along with other materials. The adhesive is applied hot and bonds as it cools. The cost per pound is more than with water based adhesives, but the speed of set is often so much faster that the increase production rates warrant its use. Applications include automatic labeling, case and carton sealing, product assembly, padding, pallet stabilization, and more.

Hot Melt Glue Guns & Glue Sticks
The Gluefast Company, Inc. manufactures hot melt glue guns and glue sticks to accommodate most heavy-duty and industrial operations, as well as hobby and craft type applications. Our electronic hot melt glue guns are adhesive applicators that are designed to bond two materials quickly and easily.

HMG-IND Hot Melt Glue Gun
The HMG-IND industrial hot melt glue gun model from The Gluefast Company, Inc. is lightweight but rugged enough to operate even in the most demanding environments. Built for daily use, this adhesive applicator comes equipped with an on/off switch, an ergonomic handle, and a built-in stand for support.

HMG-HD3 Hot Melt Glue Gun from Gluefast
The HMG-HD3 heavy-duty hot melt glue gun model from The Gluefast Company, Inc. is ready for 24/7 usage in a variety of gluing applications. This adhesive applicator comes equipped with stroke adjustment screws that control flow amount, an on/off switch that allow users to turn off the gun without unplugging, an adjustable thermostat, an ergonomic handle, and a strong integrated support stand.

Hot Melt Roll Coaters

Apply an even coat of hot melt adhesive to a variety of substrates with the MELTCATOR hot melt adhesive applicator from The Gluefast Company, Inc. This efficient hot melt gluing machine is designed to facilitate uniformity of application, replacing hot melt glue guns with less down time, and greater throughput for virtually any combination of materials and hot melt adhesives.

Label Gluers
The Gluefast Company, Inc. has been servicing the packaging, graphics and converting industries with innovative labeling and gluing solutions since 1939 and continues to manufacturer a variety of efficient adhesive application equipment.

Label Pro 5.5
Gluefast manufactures a variety of efficient adhesive application equipment such as the Label Pro® 5.5, which is known as the world's most compact label gluer. Whether for pallet labeling, package labeling, or product labeling, Gluefast's Label Pro® 5.5 can glue any size label up to 5.5" wide (14 cm) quickly and neatly. Enhance the productivity of your labeling process with the Label Pro® 5.5.

The Captain B Label Gluer
As a leading adhesive application equipment manufacturer, The Gluefast Company, Inc. knows how important it is to ensure that your labels are securely applied to products, packages, and pallets. That's why we have produced the Captain B Label Gluer, a high-quality gluing machine, which boasts of portability, efficiency, and reliability.

Large Label Mounting
Mount your print, poster, or photo cleanly and economically with Gluefast’s adhesive application equipment for mounting. You can secure labels to packages of all sizes and shapes. Whether you are preparing a print for exhibition or a package for distribution, your goal should always be to show the product to its best advantage.

Colonel Gluer for Large Label, Print, Poster, and Photo Mounting
The Colonel Gluer from The Gluefast Company, Inc. can be an invaluable piece of adhesive application equipment for many industrial operations. This gluing machine allows you to apply a thin film of adhesive onto the paper or board stock with ease. Typically used for gluing/mounting large paper labels, four color litho labels, or poster prints, the Colonel label gluer is available with a heavy-duty roller system of 20" and 32" roller widths for precise glue film control.

Adjutant Press for Large Label, Print, Poster, and Photo Mounting
The Adjutant Press is the final adhesive application equipment used in Gluefast’s efficient large mounting system to ensure a wrinkle-free bond. Effectively eliminating air bubbles or wrinkles, the Adjutant Press is suitable for a broad range of adhesive applications such as labeling or print, poster, and photo mounting in industrial and commercial operations.

Lay Flat Glue for Labeling and Mounting Adhesive Applications
Gluefast offers the best liquid Lay Flat Glues and adhesives for labeling and mounting applications. Our water-based products have high solid and tack (stickiness) strength, a long "open time" allowing the operator ample time to properly position the label, and a smooth finish quality.

Envelope and Label Moistener Machines
Gluefast's moistener equipment uses water to moisten the adhesive, which immediately activates the bond for a strong hold. Increase the speed at which you operate and invest in one of our models of moistener machines for your home or office.

SKID-LOCK Palletizing and Unitizing System
Gluefast’s SKID-LOCK® palletizing and unitizing system is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to palletize and unitize products for distribution. Designed to increase the stability of unitized pallet loads, the SKID-LOCK® adhesive system results in the reduction or elimination of stretch wrap, strapping, and corner boards.

SKID-LOCK Adhesive for Palletizing and Unitizing Systems
Palletize and unitize a load quickly, economically, and effectively when you use Gluefast’s SKID-LOCK® adhesive for your palletizing or unitizing system. This palletizing adhesive will withstand forklift or truck motions, while allowing for clean and easy de-palletizing. Based on your distribution operations and needs, SKID-LOCK® adhesive is available in gallon containers: five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 260-gallon disposable tote containers.

Adhesive Applicators for Palletizing and Unitizing Systems
Gluefast's SKID-LOCK® system consists of water-based palletizing adhesives and three distinct models of adhesive applicators. By reducing or eliminating the need for stretch wrap, strapping, or corner boards, labor is reduced and throughput of product increased.

Schematic Diagrams
P.A.T. Schematic, Label Pro Schematic, Adjutant Press Schematic, Captain B Schematic and Colonel Gluer Schematic

Senator Top Coat Gluer
The SENATOR Top Coat Gluer from Gluefast is a remarkable gluing machine designed and ruggedly built for heavy industrial use and trouble-free maintenance. Most gluing machinery applies adhesive onto the bottom of the item to be glued. Gluing the top of the item offers greater flexibility of handling. Whether you need to glue paper or board stock, the Top Coat Gluer applies a water based dextrin or resin adhesive onto nearly any item up to 3" (75mm) thick.

Product Assembly
Gluefast offers Water Based Glues and Adhesives and Hot Melt Adhesives for product assembly. Nearly all of our glues and adhesives are FDA approved for use as Food Packaging Adhesives. Our water-based products can be used to glue a paper substrate to nearly any surface including other papers, metal, and various plastic items.

Picture Framing
If you want to learn about mounting posters, gluing matboards, attaching dust covers to the back of framed artwork this is the web site you have been seeking. We can help you with poster mounting - from the gluing of the poster or print onto matboard, foam-core, or other board stock, to the application of a texture coating on your mounted print, Gluefast has the answers!

Product Identification
There are many ways to identify a product. Gluefast may be able to assist you when you want to bond the identification, i.e. label or sign, to another item. Our Label Gluers are great for applying water-based glue or adhesive onto the back of a paper label. Want to glue just one edge of the paper… check out our Edge Gluer.

Case & Carton Sealing
At Gluefast, we apply glue to cartons and then use plain paper tape to quickly seal the case. The glue then dries and forms a very strong bond – stronger than the corrugated itself! For faster setting case and carton sealing, the speed of set of Hot Melt Adhesives are much faster than water-based adhesives. Our Hot Melt Glue Guns and Glue Sticks can quickly apply hot melt adhesive for bonding with compression times as low as one or two seconds.

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