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Glue Dots® & Gluefast DUOS
Gluefast's Water Based Glue
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Gluefast's Water Based Glue
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The Colonel Gluing Machine applies a thin film of glue or adhesive onto paper or board stock with ease.
The Adjutant Mounting Press eliminates air bubbles or wrinkles on a combined glued paper/board substrate up to 11/8” thick.
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Get the Perfect Fit with Glue Dots® for all Direct Mail Pieces

Glue Dots® are the perfect fit when it comes to preparing items for direct mail, whether it’s for marketing, advertising, informational, or educational services. Perhaps best known for their use in promotional materials for credit card companies, Glue Dots® are pressure sensitive adhesives that are easy to use and safer than hot melt glues and other industrial adhesives. Create flawless looking pieces when you use Glue Dots® as the adhesive in marketing, advertising, promotional, or informational direct mail pieces.

Also referred to as booger or fugitive glue, Glue Dots® from Gluefast – the largest stocking distributor of the adhesives on the East Coast – come in different strengths and sizes, easily fitting the needs of all direct mail companies. Use the dots of glue to attach membership cards, or mock versions of credit or discount cards as an example to potential customers. See below for more uses of Glue Dots® in direct mail services.

Uses of Glue Dots® in Direct Mail
• Use to attach coupons or special offers.
• Include brochures or additional information.
• Use to provide free product samples.
• Attach mail-back rebate cards, questionnaires, or surveys.
• Easily create mass mailers.

With its easy application and removal, as well as clean look that keeps it hidden, Glue Dots® won’t take away from the appearance of your direct mail pieces or mass mailers. Read on to find out more advantages of Glue Dots®.

The Advantages of Glue Dots® for Direct Mail Items
•Easy application with the Auto Dot Pro makes mass mailing a breeze.
• Include brochures or additional information.
• Each Glue Dot® goes on easy and holds tight.
• No residue or mess left behind like with double-sided tapes and hot melt glues, for a polished look that doesn’t take away from the overall package.
• While the standard Glue Dot is a 1/2" in diameter, Gluefast offers other sizes. Ask about our Custom Products for additional options.

Find the Right Strength and Thickness You Need
Available in varying tack strengths and thicknesses – known as profiles – it’s easy to find the right hold for your needs.

Tack Levels 
Standard Glue Dots® tack (strength) levels:

Standard Glue Dots Tack (Strength) Levels


• Low
• Medium
• High
• Super High

Super High Tack creates a permanent bond. Low or Medium Tacks are considered removable.

*Low Tack contains some oil. Test absorbent surfaces for bleeding.

Glue Dots® are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Glue Dots Profiles (Thicknesses)

Low profile Glue Dots® are thin and used for bonding level items.
Medium and High profiles are suited for irregularly-shaped objects.

Our Recommendation for Tack Strength and Profile in Direct Mailing:
Tack strength: low or medium
Profile: Low

Proud member of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Institute (PMMI).
PMMI sponsors PACK EXPO, America's largest packaging show.

Gluefast has exhibited at PACK EXPO for over 30 years!

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There’s a reason Glue Dots ® are used in so many different industries. Common in Promotional Packaging and Bundling, Pharmaceutical Packaging, or by Direct Mail companies and businesses, as well as for Crafts, Scrapbooking, Greeting Cards, and card making and in Printing and Bindery, Glue Dots ® outperform all other adhesives. The pressure sensitive adhesives, which are cleaner and safer than hot melt glues, bond instantly, are reliable, and can be used to attach objects from an easy-to-remove hold to semi-permanent. Glue Dots ® from Gluefast are offered in low, medium, high, or super high tack strengths, and in your choice of thickness, known as profile, including low (1/64th inch thick; the standard), medium (1/16th inch thick), or high (1/8th inch thick). Avoid the messiness and sticky residue of industrial adhesives or double-sided tape with Glue Dots ®, also known as booger or fugitive glue (some surfaces may stain so testing is recommended). Get the perfect hold each time by applying the dots of glue by touching the object to the Glue Dot ® or using the Dot Shot Pro applicator to touch the dot to the object.